DISCUSA – Indoor advertsing is hard to ignore.

Dynasty Interactive Screen Community) in the country’s highest trafficked locations, designed to promote multicultural news headlines, community initiatives and share events throughout multiple metropolitan and County regions.

We profile community partners, institutions and local businesses to spur economic development and increased access to resources and services.

– Promotion of your brand + events across the digital network (Hundreds of screens reaching millions of potential customers each month)
– Reach consumers who would never have access to your platforms via traditional channels
– Stay relevant and current in the marketplace
– Increase attendance for promoted events
• Generate new advertising revenue
• Increase your Brand visibility and awareness
 • Grow new digital audiences instantly

Featured Network: DISC Minneapolis / MSR Digital

10 Screen City-wide network delivering over 164K impressions reaching over 530K people per month.

Featured Network: DISC St. Louis

 16 Screen City/County-wide network delivering over 160K impressions reaching over 357K people per month.


Featured Network: DISC Atlanta

85 Screen region-wide network delivering over 750K impressions reaching over 1.4M people per month.

Why we are different

The Dynasty Interactive Screen Community (DISC)  interacts with diverse populations in realtime in 15 cities in 5 States. DISC content enhances product to consumer engagement creating long lasting value for services. Highest viewability rate (average 15 – 40 minutes) brand recognition and conversion rates in the industry. We manifest ongoing relationships between consumers, products and services that cannot be achieved in traditional media.

Reaching new audiences while they work, shop

and dine.

Our community engagement project designed to reach thousands of on-the-go consumers where they live work and play is an innovative approach to inform thousands of potential consumers in partnership with local legacy Publishers of community-based news. Our regional network is connected nationally influencing the buying habits of over of 4 million people in their respective neighborhoods. Additional networks include: Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbus, OH, Raleigh, NC and Houston

Now you can affordably target and connect with real consumers looking to find your products, event and services by location, affiliation, gender and more. No more algorithms that limit your company’s reach and message.

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