The Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association (MMCA) inched into the metaverse earlier this month in a move designed specifically geared towards Black, Indigenous and people of color.

With BIPOCXChange, an attempt is being launched to harness the power of Black, Indigenous, and people of color to control how each community’s story is told, the MMCA said recently.

“Consistent with the demographic and social empathy shifts in the U.S., consumer demand for equitable and culturally competent news and entertainment is soaring. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color media creators and platforms (BIPOC Media) have clearly demonstrated the ability to create, control and distribute marketable and culturally competent content,” MMCA President and BIPOCXChange CEO David Morgan said recently.

Despite the demand among non-Whites to increase equity in the media, little progress has been made because BIPOC media lacks size and resources, according to Morgan.

“BIPOCXChange plans to play a major role in disrupting and directly countering negative and incomplete narratives of Black and Brown communities in the media. Specifically, we are launching the BIPOCXChange with an Op-ed Syndication and a Speakers’ Bureau Hub that syndicates thought/op-ed pieces, analysis and provocative angles from BIPOC voices with unique perspectives about the issues of the time that can be contributed to and accessed by users on a weekly basis,” Morgan said.

The goal for the BIPOCXChange is to increase access for multicultural media via the metaverse, to drive coverage and to ensure equity and inclusivity.

MMCA, a non-partisan 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2017, focuses primarily on improving the prospects for BIPOC media ownership and control by eliminating structural barriers and creating a platform that helps BIPOC media stakeholders to seize their unrealized market potential and helps brands, investors and other stakeholder partners to lower their risks and increase ROI in doing business with BIPOC media.

Journalists, content creators, and writers are urged to register and become a member of BIPOCXChange. Joining opens up a vast resource base  of professionals who have volunteered to cultivate fresh talent and provide insight and guidance to navigate the thicket of financial and technical hurdles of funding and business opportunities. The newcomer will be exposed to products, services, and job opportunities. 

“Users can also access MMCA’s resource offerings with include accessing newswire, developing proprietary hub (meta page) to host press briefings and distribute press kits, releases and other communications. Key platform features include, instant messaging, the ability to upload videos and other content and to host clubhouse styled events, and to monitor, via a custom data & analytics dashboard, the user engagement, user growth, trending topics, search results, and resource usage across the digital ecosystem,” Morgan said.

“Now that the BIPOCXChange has launched with over 300 BIPOC media content creators and distributors, our focus in on building our communities and raising capital to expand and scale our ability to deliver tangible value to all the stakeholders in the BIPOC media ecosystem,” he added. 

Those interested in joining BIPOCXChange can visit for more information.