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We offer advertisers the opportunity to connect with a valued audience that matters.

The Amsterdam News is a weekly Black-owned newspaper serving New York City. It is one of the oldest newspapers geared toward African Americans in the United States and has published columns by notable people including W. E. B. Du Bois, Roy Wilkins, and Adam Clayton Powell Jr., and was the first to recognize and publish Malcolm X.

The Baltimore Afro-American, commonly known as The Afro or Afro News, is a weekly African-American newspaper published in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the flagship newspaper of the AFRO-American chain and the longest-running African-American family-owned newspaper in the United States, established in 1892.

The Chicago Defender is a Chicago-based online African-American newspaper. It was founded in 1905 by Robert S. Abbott and was once considered the “most important” newspaper of its kin

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) enjoys a living legacy as the oldest Black-owned newspaper in the state of Minnesota and one of the longest-standing, family-owned newspapers in the country. For the past 86 years, the MSR has established itself as a trusted voice for the diverse Black communities of Minnesota

Published continuously, without missing a single issue, since 1928, The St. Louis American newspaper has emerged as the leading, most-trusted voice of the area’s African-American community. Moreover, The American has extended its reach to become a major multi-platform media entity.  The St. Louis American is now the single largest weekly newspaper in the entire state of Missouri.

The Times Weekly,  was founded in 1986, to provide a voice for underserved Chicago community The Times Weekly addresses the underrepresented minority communities with a more targeted focus on issues that affect them like the environment and economic empowerment.

The Washington Informer Newspaper Co. Inc. is a multimedia organization founded on Oct. 16, 1964, by Dr. Calvin Rolark, in order to highlight positive images of African Americans. We continue to only do positive news, as we strive to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and INFORM. We serve metropolitan Washington D.C., and are now reaching over 50,000 readers each week 

The WI Bridge bridges the past with the future. Being a newspaper and online information piece for DC’s Black Millennials, we strive to bring creative, cultural awareness to the youth of this ever-changing city. Curating content and experiences that inspire and celebrate the history of black culture in Washington, DC