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When it comes to reaching and activating Black audiences, Black-owned publications take the lead. Blending breaking news, personal impact stories, and historical context, Black audience-focused media outlets publish up to six times more coverage than mainstream media on major issues such as racism, healthcare, and public policy.

Business Wire and Black PR Wire brought together media leaders to review the state of Black media. This expert panel discusses:

  • Changes in publishing and news consumption
  • Common and popular content topics
  • Best practices to build relationships with Black media
  • Turning Black History Month PR outreach into a year-long program

Webinar originally recorded February 24, 2022.


Cheryl Thompson-MortonDexter BridgemanChloe JonesBernadette Morris
Cheryl Thompson-Morton
Black Media Initiative Director, Center for Community Media/CCM Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Dexter Bridgeman
CEO and Founder, M•I•A MEDIA GROUP
Chloe Jones
Executive Producer at the Black News Channel
MODERATOR: Bernadette Morris
Black PR Wire/Sonshine Communications, CEO and Founder
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